Friday, August 13, 2010

Agile Data Testing

Those of you who avidly follow my blog :-) will have noticed that there have been one or two quiet spells lately. I would love to say I have been living as a hermit living on seaweed and shellfish scraped from the rocks while building the perfect suite of tools for Agile Data Integration but, really, life just got in the way of writing the past couple of years.

However, I have not been idle. I've been working hard to define strategies for creating automated test solutions for ETL/Data Integration projects for the past 4 years and I have a lot of knowledge I want to share. Some of this has been captured in tools, but not as much as I would like so I am also looking for people to help me develop the tool capability in a warm, fuzzy, open-sourcy kind of way.

I'm about to publish some articles explaining what I have learned and where I am going. I know time is valuable, but I really, really want your feedback so we can start to develop more of a community around this topic. I'm going to start with the theory and get into the tooling once I have laid down my thoughts on the core concepts of what we are trying to achieve.

So please, please, please read the articles, be forthright in your comments and encourage me to write more.

My thanks.


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